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Botulinum toxin type A procedures top 4.1 million

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Injection of botulinum toxin type A was the most popular type of minimally invasive cosmetic surgery in the United States in 2012, with more than 4.1 million procedures performed, according to a survey by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASPAS).

More than 20% (867,266) of the botulinum toxin type A (including Botox and Dysport) injections were performed by physician assistants and nurses, ASPAS estimated. The data were based on responses from 772 board-certified dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and otolaryngologists in active practice.

The second most popular type of minimally invasive surgery was injection of hyaluronic acid – including Juvederm, Perlane/Restylane, Belotero, Prevelle, and Elevess – with 1.8 million procedures in 2012, according to the ASPAS.

Almost 8.5 million minimally invasive cosmetic procedures were performed overall last year, an increase of more than 10% from 2011, according to the survey, which was compiled and analyzed by Industry Insights, an independent research firm.

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